Tuesday, January 28, 2014

3rd Graders and Fables

I've just completed two school visits to the third graders at The Oaks Academy Fall Creek and The Oaks Academy Brookside, both in Indianapolis.  This is my fourth year of taking this particular show on the road, featuring the craft of fable-writing.  Using my story, "No Ducks for Dinner" (Spider magazine, March 2010), I took the kids on a brief journey through own writing life and then into their own curriculum focus of fable-writing.  These kids know their Aesop!  We sang, laughed at my hair in my 4th grade school photo, listened to a cassette of me telling a fable when I was 8 years old ("What's a cassette?!"), read a couple of my books and my fable, and talked about their own recent forays into writing about talking animals who pick up lessons along the way.  Lots of fun!